Thursday, January 3, 2013

Division of chores

Danny & I have a basic understanding of who does what around the house
We don't have a "list" per say but for the most part it goes something like this:


1. Dinner
The man loves to cook, so much that he kicks me out of the kitchen sometimes. He got new pots & knifes for Christmas and hes like a kid in a candy store. Hey, I'm not complaining.

2. Diaper laundry
He gladly does this & stuffs them on the couch while watching "Chopped" or "American Pickers"

3. walking the dog
if its a nice enough day out I'll take Charlie out when Sienna & I take a walk, the problem is Charlie doesn't go on a leash ..he follows us and listens when you say "lets go" unless he decides to investigate a peed on bush...then forget it, He will stand there for 20 mins. It drives me nuts and Sienna gets impatient wanting to go on. Now if I put him on a leash he will get tangled in the stroller and I don't find it easy to steer with one hand. So usually I let him out in the yard and Danny takes him out when he goes to get the mail...or we all go.

4. Take out the trash: 
don't do trash or recycling, I'll let it pile up until he gets the hint.

5. Put Sienna down for the night or Clean up after dinner
this one is decided on the spot...after dinner, we hang out until its her bed time. So the question that comes at 7:30 is "do you wanna do dishes or put baby down?" Usually, he puts her down...Since he cooks, I always offer to do the dishes. 


1. Laundry.
Ugh I hate this one. There is only 3 of us, yet somehow the piles of laundry never stop. Then it sits folded for a few days till I decide to put it away

2. Tiding up. 
This one I don't actually mind, cleaning kinda relaxes me. Is that strange? well not the toilet scrubbing kind of cleaning, but organizing things. Danny has major OCD when it comes to neatness. He wont go to sleep if our bedroom is a disaster or if there are drawers left opened. I have to admit I have been slacking in this department lately. Who wants to clean when in 5 minutes the baby manages to make it look like a tornado hit?

3. Dishes
ugh pump parts and Dr Browns bottles are not a fun part of my day. I stopped painting my nails because of this, I wouldn't even last a day I would find nail polish chips on her bottle nipples. We tried 4 different kinds of bottles to cut down the amount of parts to clean, but she hated every single one we Dr.Brown and its 5 parts it is.

4. Make baby food
pumping is a HUGE chore and obviously my job but I also try to make all of her purees too. Thanks to my Baby Brezza I actually love making it, now if she would only love eating it then we all would be happy.

5. Get up for baby
hubs is excused from this one during the week, On weekends...not so much. I gotta sleep sometime right?


make a dinner menu for the week

Food shoppingI love our weekend food shopping trips (when Sienna cooperates) that is, Usually shes happy if you let her hold an avocado or something while shes in the cart....but if you take it away, you'll wish you had ear plugs.

Sienna's baths: not that this is a chore but since she loves them, its so cute to watch her play & giggle. She loves having us both sit on the bathroom floor as she puts on a splash show for us

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  1. OUr chore breakdown is very similar, my husband does most of the cooking and will usually clean while I give the baby a bath. I'm stuck on laundry duty which I hate.


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