Monday, January 28, 2013

could it be the amber?

Sienna's teething became so bad at one point a few weeks go,
I had Danny in Walgreens in his pajamas in the middle of the night getting every remedy on the shelf.

He came home with a bag of stuff,
 hoping at least one of the items gave her some sort of relief...

Homeopathic teething gel, tablets, Camilia and Motrin.
We wanted the motrin to be a last resort if all else failed. I really try to avoid that stuff. I cant even tell you when the last time I took anything like Tylenol or Motrin myself. I would say its been years and years.

After a couple of nights of trying those things...we didnt notice any change
She still woke up literally every 10 minutes and seemed to be in discomfort, she didn't have a fever though she was pretty warm to the touch.

Someone suggested I put her amber teething necklace back on, I had her wear it when she was younger mostly only cuz I thought it looked cute to be honest...She was such a sweet baby back then I never thought teething bothered her since she never acted like it did and she popped 2 teeth no problem.

Running out of options, 
I decided put the necklace back on...leaving it on all day & night even for baths
and guess what?

She's been a different baby!! not drooling as much and not waking up every 10 mins anymore. Could be it just be a coincidence and the teething pains just passed? sure!

but I'm swearing by the amber

baldie sporting her necklace at 3 months old


  1. I am telling you, Breanna has been so pleasant w. her teething and I swear its from her amber necklace...when her molars popped I had no idea cause she was barely fussy. Mind you she did have some cranky moments but not nearly as bad as I expected

  2. I was just asking some fellow blog mamas about amber necklaces so I'm so happy to read that you feel they help! My wife is getting Grace one for v-day so we shall soon see... Yay for more peaceful sleep!

    1. yes! I think they definitely work! make sure you get an authentic one, there are a lot of fakes out there!

  3. My daughter is 20 months old and wears her amber teething necklace 24/7 except for bath. We worship that thing and it's an added bonus that it looks super cute. Right now my little one is cutting all 4 eye teeth but sleeps a solid 13 hours at night ::knocks on wood:: Glad Sienna seems to be pain free :)

  4. Which website did you buy the neckless from? My little guy is insane right now and Im running out of options! Did you keep it around her neck all night?

    1. we got it on either etsy or ebay, dont remember now...but just make sure its authentic Baltic sea amber from Europe

    2. and yes all night, she never once pulled on it...I think shes so used it by now

    3. Okay I bought one- its on its way! Hopefully we have good luck!

  5. I swear by the amber too. Jade wears one and it makes a huge difference!

  6. i need to look into this. name a teether and i have it, but not this one and ive heard a lot about it. matthew already has two teeth through at 6 months and its been hectic, DROOL EVERYWHERE.

  7. I've never heard of this - hmm good to know! But this isn't a choking hazard (esp at night)?

    Max never had any issues with teething - I was so lucky! I'm in for it with Sadie I'm sure.


  8. Where can I purchase an amber necklace?


Your sweet words always make my day! :) Thank you.