Tuesday, July 24, 2012

3D Butterfly tutorial

I finally completed a little project I started weeks ago for Sienna's room, upon request I'm sharing the tutorial.

I got the inspiration  from this project I saw on pintrest, 

I found a simple butterfly shape & printed it out on thick paper in 3 different sizes, I omitted the antennas as it would be impossible to cut around them.

I used song lyrics to Siennas song 
Rascal Flatts - My wish

I chose a pretty font and had the lyrics repeated on whole page avoiding too much spacing
 ( the thicker the paper you print it on the more durable and easier when tracing)

I also used a sheet of pink scrapbooking paper so that not all butterflies were white 

the blisters I got from cutting these out one by one were no fun but worth it

Fold the butterfly for a 3D effect

This is what I used to stick it to the wall - other things work too I just happen to have this laying around

My little helper ;)

 sweet girly accent to my girls nursery :)


  1. These are absolutely beautiful. I'm thinking of doing the same with hibiscus flowers to go up the stairs around the photo frames and a JJ song but I'm torn between 'Better Together' and 'Banana Pancakes'. :)


Your sweet words always make my day! :) Thank you.