Sunday, July 15, 2012

remember him?

I don't talk about poor Charles much anymore since a certain little blue-eyed girl steals the show around here these days 

but I love him, as many shenanigans he manages to get himself into and as much as I wanna give him away sometimes ( I kid, not) hes still my little fur baby boy.

When Sienna was born, Danny took home her first hat that was put on her when she was all gooey and brand new so he can get used to her scent...when we brought her home from the hospital he sniffed her out a bit and has be great around her ever since. Its like he realized she was here to stay and he knew to love her right away. I have to admit I was nervous at first because he can be a brat, hes cute as pie but man he can be a little shit head. There are just certain random things in the house that he doesn't like for whatever reason and he feels the need to pee on them, those are the days I hes not my favorite... to say the least.

(these days are over for Mr. Charlie)

Funny story, he was out in the backyard the other day when mid pee (leg up an all) the sprinklers came on and scared the bejesus out of him...he ran so fast he almost slammed into the patio door ( I wish I had it on video)....since that day he wont step foot paw in the yard, so what that means for me is...walks during the day in Arizona's summer heat, with the baby and dog that doesnt do leash, needs to sniff every damn tree in the neighborhood as well as every passing dogs butt...


you know the phrase "don't bite the hand that feeds you"
well he does...heaven forbid you should even look in his direction when hes got something to

Even though Sienna steals the show around here, 
I love you too Charlie as bratty as you were my first baby :)

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  1. Ahahaha, he sounds like such a naughty little boy! My dog is the same. I think of him in his troublesome toddler years, being sneaky and funny at the same time, but they love us so much, it makes it all worthwhile :)


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