Monday, July 16, 2012

4 months old

Dearest Sienna,
         I'm not going to start off by saying how fast time has gone by (even though this is very true). And I'm not going to tell you that I wish you'd stay my little baby forever ( even though that is all I dream about)but I will tell you this...You.Are.Absolutely.Breathtaking. I'm sure if you could talk you would first say"can you please stop kissing me every minute of everyday?"  to kisses are ever enough. Oh boy, here come the are my world, our world and I want nothing more but to be your world.  I dream of the day when you can wrap your arms around me and say "I love you mama" I love you sweet girl, more than you'll know.

this is your new favorite silly face to make...hiding your lips

 here is a little bit about you this month...

you're a drooly-mess all day long and I'm pretty certain that you are teething because everything goes in your mouth and sometimes you act like you're in discomfort as you try to chew on things...this breaks my heart.

You love bath time, especially splashing and making me soaking wet, I'll get you back one day dont you worry
you love to squeal & 'talk" it always makes me laugh
you still have to have a blanket to snuggle with when you go to sleep
and guess what? I did the exact same thing as a baby :)  I love that we already have little things in common.

Your current favorite toy is the O-ball
You just started noticing Charlie this month, you love watching him and he ALWAYS manages to make you smile, you find it real funny when he sneezes - you crack up out loud when he does and whenever I say "Charlie" you immediately look down on the floor to spot him out (smart girl you are) I just cant stand when he tries to lick you, I know hes doing it because he loves you but he also licks his butt.

With lots of pumping at hard work
you are exclusively breast fed and still going strong! 
you also have a frozen stock pile that could last you several months and guess what? you wont be having cows milk for a VERY long time...I thank my lucky stars every day that I do not have to give you formula - it would kill me to.

I'm not sure you weight & length yet - your well visit is in 2 days but I think you're pretty tall and you're lean, not chubby like most I'm going to guess that you're 12lbs and 25"
 ( I'll post wed when I know)

You are changing so much!

Your eyes are still very blue and I think they're here to stay, 
though they could also changeto green which would make more sense, unless you take after Grandma who has super blue eyes.
here is a little secret I never admitted....when you were in my belly I really hoped you'd have light eyes because Daddy's dark hair & green eyes is what made me fall for him...I cant think of a more attractive & unique combo...regardless, you're beautiful no matter what.

Your Firsts
1st 'ponytail' (teeny tiny one just for mamas entertainment- sorry)
1st time slept through the night - thanks for the tease little lady, you still wake up once or twice every night & sometimes just for a paci
1st time in your high chair (just for a few minutes)
1st time meeting your cousin Olivia
1st time holding your own bottle
1st time in your excersaucer - you weren't a fan so mama put it away for a while
1st time loving & really noticing Charlie

I love your curisocity and how you love to watch us go about our days,
weather we're eating dinner or shopping...those big eyes of yours sure love taking it all in

I love each day with you & I always look forward to whats to come

Love always,


  1. This was so sweet. You are such an amazing mommy. I want to be just like you when I have babies.

  2. Fabiana is right :) you're an amazing family. I might even consider you a role model :P

  3. You're such a good mom! Sienna is one lucky gal to have you as a mommy :)

  4. so sweet!

    i was and still am the same way! i used to fantasize what it would be like to her her say love you and to hold me and now that i have felt her hold me and kiss me and tell me "uve (love) you mama" its the best feeling in the world makes any struggles worth every bit! like me i am SURE you will cry the day she says those words! i cried the day she called me mommy. i am a total sap though!

    enjoy her littleness but there is so much to look forward to that will top your favorite moments!

    your a wonderful mama and Sienna is lucky to have you!

  5. This made me choked up. My "babies" are 6 & 4 and I look back and think where has the time gone. It's so good you blog about her and how your feeling. It becomes a distant memory.

  6. This made me choked up. My "babies" are 6 & 4 and I look back and think where has the time gone. It's so good you blog about her and how your feeling. It becomes a distant memory.


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