Monday, July 23, 2012

Mondays suck

Although my reason why may be different from yours, 
I really dislike Mondays

 As much as I love my time with Sienna during the week, there is nothing like the weekend when Daddy can spent time with us too...Our time together as a family is so precious to me, even when we are not doing anything besides lounging around together, I still soak up every minute and thank god for blessing me with this sweet little family.

The weekends are such a tease! Mondays come too quick and Sunday evenings are full of 
"I wish didn't have to leave you girls tomorrow" and "I'm going to miss you all week" And I know this may sound silly because not like hes leaving for a month, but we do everything together & 8 hour work days just seem so long, he hates missing anything new Sienna does & I hate when I cant share...upon request I send him at least 10 pictures a day of Sienna and sometimes we leave skype on so he can see us while sitting at his desk at work.

Call us crazy but we really think
"its always better when we're together" -JJ

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  1. Did you work before you had Sienna? I think we will be the opposite - I'll work fulltime and hubs will be at home!


Your sweet words always make my day! :) Thank you.