Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Those that come, those that go.

Lately I find myself pondering friendship

why a friendship that lasted years just drifts apart?
what was it that held it together in the first place? 

sometimes you just cant help by ask yourself what you did wrong?

and sometimes the answer is 
you did nothing.

It just happens, our lives pull us in different directions....generally & geographically speaking
and some friendships just aren't strong enough to endure it, sad as but true.

I guess the point that I am in my life right now, "grown up"  and "seattled down" I really just long for realness in the realationships I have with people. 

And life, well it cant avoid it or stop it. 
People change, lives change

Friendships are suppose to last a lifetime aren't they? If they do,

Cherish them, 
Love them, 
 and most of all

Hold on to them for dear life

As for the other "friends" that go 

well, sometimes...
we just have to let them.

This song is what inspired this post,
 I cant get tired of it & its meaning.

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