Monday, July 30, 2012

weekend scene

Time is moving far too quickly for my likings these days, Aug is just around the corner which means we'll be packing for NY in a couple of weeks, did I mention how much I'm dreading the whole packing thing? knowing me, I'll pack her whole nursery up and I'll be the crazy lady in the airport with 20 bags.

 On a brighter note, End of Aug brings an end to 3 digit temperatures in AZ which means September till June the Leifs will be spending most of their time outside enjoying perfect weather in the 60s,70s, worth the brutal 3 months.

Anywho, our weekend flew by as usual....but it was a good one none the less with the exception of making the mistake of going to IKEA on a Sunday afternoon, what were we thinking? seriously. I must have said "excuse me" more times than ever in my life, trying to get by swarms of people with a stroller, but we did get what we went for (book shelves for Siennnas room) so it wasn't a complete waste.

few photos from our weekend

Sienna enjoying a snack while people bumping watching in Ikea

We had lunch with our fellow foodie friends, we tried English food at the Cornish Pasty it was definitely different, but good. Sienna's face in this picture cracks me up, she wasn't thrilled about her  little friend Liam...I think this is her one only crying picture.

Look at his thighs compared to miss petite Sienna 

We made plans to meet at our community pool with the next door neighbors who have a little girl but a storm kicked us out after 10 poured out of nowhere! gotta love monsoon season in AZ but Sienna loved used a floatie her Auntie got her for the first time!


  1. Skinny Minnie! Her lanky little legs are so petite compared to that chubby little prince! Out of curiosity, is he BF or formula? Oh also, I can totally picture you as crazy bag lady :P haha.

  2. es breast fed but hes got a big appetite unlike miss Sienna...and I will be a crazy bag lady hahah

  3. Love her floatie! Where is it from? :)

    1. Thanks! It's actually from a supermarket called Frys. It's really awesome because the other end of it is a float for an adult so it's perfect since I can't swim! I'll post s pic of the whole thing do you can see

  4. Aww, your little girl is so cute!!


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