Friday, July 20, 2012

all things natural

My poor baby is teething and I think I'm taking it harder than she is, whatever hurts her hurts me 1000x more

several people asked me why I wouldn't give her things like oragel - I try and stay far away from anything unnatural & anything containing chemicals....I myself don't even take any medicine if I can find natural remedies instead and not unless I'm in severe pain.

Menstrual cramps? 
yoga sequence, woman's moon cycle tea, heating pad, bath
no Midol for me, ever.

common cold?
Garlic, Vitamin D, tea with honey
no artificial vicks syrups for me.

tooth ache?
raw onion, vanilla extract
no Advil or Tylenol for me.

So now that you know how I work, 
my teething remedy for Sienna should surprise you :)

happy chemical free baby = mission accomplished


  1. I love that we are so alike. I only take painkillers if it's absolutely the last resort. I fully believe that there is a remedy and a cure for everything on this planet and we just need to find it.

  2. I used a bottle cap (dr browns) and a pacifier & froze it on the pacifier. It worked wonders. Teething is rough. Good luck mama!!

  3. I'm happy you're doing everything all natural . I would too.

  4. Do you find the amber necklace might be working ??

  5. Do you find the amber necklace might be working ??

  6. We are so alike! I LOVE natural remedies for everything! :)

    1. glad to know there is someone else on the same page as me on these thigns :) I feel like not enough people seek natural remedies and its such a shame

  7. What is the thing that she is chewing on called? I need one for Olivia. She is starting to teeth as well.


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