Thursday, July 26, 2012

I need to vent...

At Sienna's 4 month check up, her pediatrician made me feel like a bad mother because her weight isn't up to par with other babies her age...well guess what? shes an idiot, and I regret wasting time being worried about this

this article  says it all -
(best I've read in a while - the 4 month section is Sienna to the tee)

 The percentiles comparing babies include those who are formula fed who are 'chubbier' than breast fed babies due to the unnecessary water weight and crap that formula contains and since most babies arent breast fed those percentiles are very off.

You know what else makes me angry? the mothers who don't even try to breast feed, off the bat they just go straight to formula...why wouldn't you at least try? its the best thing for your baby and its FREE.

and its one thing if a mom just cant produce milk or doesnt produce enough, so of course formula is perfectly ok

Do you know how many times I've cried when it was really hard? how painful it was in the begining, how annoying and frustrating it can be? do you think I enjoy pumping every 2 hours and washing pump parts?  not being able to be out of the house for too long because I have to pump

well guess what? I HATE IT, but I would never give it up
 because its the BEST thing for my baby and what kind of mother would I be if didn't chose whats better for her because it was just too inconvenient for me?

I know a mom whos baby is a month older than Sienna 
 He is sick constantly! ear infection, fevers, you name it.
(formula fed) need I say more?

oh and here is my favorite statistic of them all,
low income moms who are on food stamps formula feed most!
are you kidding me? I swear if I made the rules those mothers would not be getting free formula unless there was a medical reason they couldn't breast feed


  1. That statistic shocked me when I read it, too. It's like the people on benefits who somehow afford iphones and 42 inch tv's. Its all about priorities. Those women on food stamps and things, do they not realise feeding their child can be free if they do it naturally! But these are mostly no-income lazy people who have unplanned pregnancies. Its a sad world.

  2. Have you considered switching pedis?

    My milk never came in. I was never engorged, I never leaked, and by 8 weeks my milk was completely g-o-n-e. I saw 3 lactation consultants, was helped by the nursing staff while I was still in the hospital, and rented a hospital grade pump (and I pumped after every feeding to encourage stimulation).

    So, I formula feed. I had no other choice! Chloe has been on the smaller side since she was born. Our pediatrician isn't concerned for two reasons:
    1. She's been consistently smaller than average. It's not like she was in the 90th percentile, then dropped to the 25th. She's been in the 10-20% range since birth.
    2. She's incredibly active, and always has been (crawling since 3 months). She burns off way more than she eats.

    Hang in there, mama.

  3. I also get frustrated when women don't even try to nurse, but it is kind of the same argument as epidurals. Everyone has the choice and everyone's circumstances are different. I breastfed and my daughter was consistently on the low end, but she is fine now. You can't worry too much about those percentiles! They are constantly changing. I agree with Jen above, sounds like you need to switch pediatricians. They should inform you of your choices, but ultimately support your decisions!

  4. I'm glad that you're giving yourself credit and realizing that the pediatrician is an idiot! You are an amazing woman and mommy. Keep doing what you do and never change because you are AMAZING!

  5. You are a wonderful mother! Us moms who breastfeed sacrifice so much to give our babies the best, which they deserve. It is selfish when mothers don't even try to breast feed. You also have a wonderful husband who supports you and is right behind you. Don't ever feel anything less than happy. You are doing a fantastic job Mommy. :) And I agree with Jen, you should definitely consider switching pedis!


Your sweet words always make my day! :) Thank you.