Monday, August 13, 2012

5 months old

Dearest Sienna,

You are 5 months old today! To say that we are completely smitten by you would be a complete understatement, you are getting cuter and sweeter every month!! how is that even possible? I almost forget what life was like before you came but one thing is for certain, you have filled our lives & hearts with more love & joy than we ever thought possible. 

Here is what you've been up this month:

You are the queen of silly faces lately, 
hiding your lips is your favorite- my favorite too

You are such a loud little chatterbox! 
that little girly voice of yours can probably be heard down the block and you know it makes us laugh, so you keep doing it.

this pretty much sums you up these days, 
silly face maker & crazy little screamer...but its not so cute at 4AM just so you know

You weigh a little over 13lbs 
(based on a home scale)

 you definitely got your good looks from your daddy, I think you look just like him and I have to admit I'm a little jealous, I always wanted a little mini me. A handful of people say you look like me but I don't see still have my dimple though :) I'll take what I can get.

You're a pretty bad eater and I pray its just a phase 
because if this is a preview of when you're a toddler, mama is in trouble.

Still on breastmilk and I'm grateful to have come this far, 
the goal is ONE year and after you will have a few month supply from what I was able to freeze...I'd like to hold off on cows milk as long as possible and hope to be able to freeze a lot more by the time we get to a year. (mama thinks ahead)

You still do not sleep through the night and at this point I'm used it, its the only time you actually breastfeed so thats nice for me, I pump and bottle feed you during the day. Not my choice, yours... you're finicky and there is nothing I can do, believe me I tried.

My favorite thing is coming to get you when you wake up from a nap, you get SO excited to see me or kick, smile, giggle and stick out your arms. It melts us!

Your favorite toys are..
Charlies tail ( though he doesn't appreciate it)
Sock monkey, shoes, tags and whatever you can get in your mouth

You started to understand object permanence
if a toy is taken away, you cry till you get it back
before it was "out of sight, out of mind"

I love watching you develop into a smart little cookie


4 months vs 5 months

You are taking your first ever plane ride this month!
(PLEASE be a good girl)

there are so many people in NY who are so excited to meet you, it will be the first time you meet your grandpa & great-grandpa. We cant wait to take you to the beach, to the place your Daddy and I first met, to NYC and all of your mommy & daddys favorite spots.

 apparently taking pics is hard work

love you to the moon & back


  1. the new blog facelift looks great! and 5 months have passed already?!? she is growing up way to fast... slow her down! ;)

    1. Thank you! :) I wish time would slow just a bit, I think I'm going to hyperventilate next month when shes half a year

  2. You are the cutest momma ever :) this is so lovely. I bet when she reads this in years to come she'll be in tears! xx

    1. Thank you :) I always look forward to your sweet comments

  3. She is the cutest! And I love her name!!

  4. I love these photos!! She is such a doll. You are one blessed momma!! <3


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