Friday, August 10, 2012

Fall fever

anyone else ready for Fall?
I'm over the heat and so very ready to welcome Autumn with open arms

I cant wait for....

1. The return of Pumpkin Spice lattes at Starbucks

2. Decorating my home, 
thanks to pintrest I already have it all the ideas covered


3.  Although I'm not really a fan of Halloween, I'm excited to dress Sienna up.
She already has a costume that she will probably hate me for when shes older, but its so darling! and this probably will be the only year that I get to chose the costume instead of her...So yes its super cutesy & I may just have picked it out for my own entertainment :)

5. Cardigans, scarves, boots, flats
need I say more?

6. Pumpkin patches!
 My little pumpkin will be such a cute age in the fall
I cant wait for all the photos, and if you know know there will be tons!

7. Fall-ish polish
though I recently gave up on nail polish, due to my newly acquired job of  washing of bottles & pump parts ALL DAY....I really do love those fall hues!

8. hearty soups
If given the choice Id gladly eat nothing but soups and stews all day, everyday 

Things I'm NOT looking forward to,

My family not being here for Sienna's first Thanksgiving & Football...I know I'm one of very few people to say this...but I HATE football season and dread it every year.


  1. Replies
    1. a little lamb lol its the cutest funniest thing ever! I wanted something that I dont see often, a lot of babies are usually bumble bees, lady bugs or pumpkins

  2. Love the blog makeover!! & LOVE fall it is my favorite season by far!!

  3. While we didn't really have a great summer over here, I can understand your love for fall. Once August comes up, it's like I shift into Fall mode and look for all things comfy in food, clothing and so on. The blog makeover is really nice. Reminds me of my own efforts I should make LOL

    have a great day!

    love from Belgium

    1. Thank you sweet lady! :)

      love from HOT Arizona

  4. ahhh I can not wait for fall. Pumpkin spice at starbucks is by far my favorite thing ever!

  5. oooh, i love that pumpkin centerpiece idea! you just made me eager for fall too.

  6. Ohhh so pretty! Although it's already winter here (well almost done) and I'm SO hanging out for spring :) Laura x

  7. OOOhh how I wish we have 4 season.. It's summer all year round at my country..

    Witha from

  8. You're not alone in your desire for fall to get here already! I'm so over this heat. Over it. Pumpkins and fall decor is the best, along with nice rich nail polish colors. :) Thanks for following!!!

  9. ... And you seriously just gave me your Fall Fever!! Wow. I always forget how much I love it until the anticipation is killing me! :) Happy Tuesday!

  10. Me too I'm so done with summer,,,I realized that I really don't like summer anymore especially in NY with high humidity,,and having a newborn can't even go to the beach cuz he eats sand,,lol ,,,so it's not fun anymore plus the pouch your blog

  11. I am SO with you on this! I am really ready for the triple digit temperatures to go away. Ohhh and pumpkin spice lattes for Starbucks... They are my favorite :-)


Your sweet words always make my day! :) Thank you.