Thursday, August 23, 2012

Anxiety over travels

With our upcoming trip to NY,
I've been stressing trying to get everything together to make sure its all smooth sailing. 

I pray Sienna sleeps the whole flight, 
I really don't want a plane full of people mad at us if she doesn't

I have to say, I was never afraid to fly until now

don't get me started on packing,
 the breast pump, parts & bottles need a suitcase of their own and
with the amount of stuff we have to bring, 
 we need an extra set of hands to carry it all

Charlie has really bad separation anxiety and although hes staying with my sister, 
I know he will be sad and poor pup, this makes my heart hurt.

Security people please be nice, I'll be bringing bottled breast milk with me in case she doesn't want to nurse...if they take it away - I'll have a  fit.

I'm just really nervous, its a long flight.

Everyone send positive vibes our way!!
& any tips are welcomed!


  1. Good luck! I hope your flight goes smoothly!

  2. You'll be fine sweetie. I've seen lots of little ones sleep right through flights. The pressure can be equalised by swallowing so try and feed (if they allow it) during or just after takeoff and during or just before landing, or have a dummy (I think you guys call them pacifiers) handy so as long as she's swallowing, she shouldn't feel anything. Have a lovely, lovely time! I can't wait for the photos :) xx

    1. I hope so! I like 'dummy' more than 'pacifier' lol I think i'll start calling it that now

    2. Pacifier to me sounds like a washing machine or fridge brand haha! I love all the different names we keep coming across :)

    3. Pacifier to me sounds like a washing machine or fridge brand haha! I love all the different names we keep coming across :)

  3. Love your blog, thanks for finding me!

    My advice on flights with babies....let them nurse, NURSE AND NURSE :)
    Especially during takeoff, to help with the pressure.
    Kie, didn't seem effected at all by it.
    He was a little over a year tho, so when he was done nursing he wanted to desperately "entertain" the person sitting by us.
    The first flight was great because we shared it with a grandmother who loved babies.
    The flight home, well, the man must of never been a baby because he never batted an eye at Kie.
    Kie tried even harder for his attention.
    It was amusing to say the least, but there was no crying!


    It will be fine! :) The boob is the best comfort for babies, in my honest opinion!

  4. I can't wait to hear all about your trip to New York. Sorry I do not have any baby travel advice for you. But I did nominated you for a Liebster Award over on my blog. Feel free to partake at your leisure.

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  6. You can most definitely take more than 3oz of breast milk. Water too (if you were a formula Mom). They will have YOU open it (not them) and wave a wand over the top to test the air for bad stuff. You shouldnt have a problem. I agree with the lady above. NURSE! Try to nurse when taking off and landing. It will pop the ears. Good luck. You are going to do great. \

    1. ah good to know, thank you! I was getting nervous about that - I plan on nursing but sometimes she gets picky and wants a bottle instead

  7. OMG I wanna hear how NY goes!! I have been there before...pre-baby, and I"d love to go back again WITH the baby! PLEASE blog about how the travel goes with baby!! I"ll keep fingers crossed for you!! However, I know you guys are going to have a blast!!


Your sweet words always make my day! :) Thank you.