Monday, August 6, 2012

New Mommy: lessons learned

watch out for those super sharp fingernails, especially while feeding
sweet Sienna somehow turns into a ferocious tiger - or so you'd think after seeing the claw marks my chest

DO NOT leave the house without that paci or everyone involved will be miserable and you'll just be turning the car around to go home

keep your hair back, or you may end up bald

when giving a bath, be prepared to have a bath yourself
or atleast when they figure out how to splash

patience patience patience

Caffeine will your BFF & key to sanity - I was never a coffee drinker till I had a baby

burn those nail clippers - we had an incident....I cried, Sienna did not. 
Regardless, we are using nail files from now on

don't take it personal when strangers in supermarket look at your DAUGHTER and complement HIM and ask HIS name...or do.... just have a bow handy, I whipped out a headband out of my purse right after this happened

be prepared not to get a chance to brush your teeth in the morning till its nap time - good thing I don't have to speak to anyone

Always have a light blanket handy - yes even in AZ when its 112 degrees out - some places have their AC on what feels like Antarctica setting 

YEP! Sienna usually likes to put her vocal cords to use at 4AM, not crying - just chatting, squealing, screeching and ya know...making me want to invest in ear plugs.

pool = best way to tire them out
thank goodness for those swim lessons - knocks her out at 730

Your dog will show his affection for baby by licking their face, cute right?
yeah NO - he also licks his butt.

Make sure diapers are on snug - pee puddles and extra laundry is no fun especially when your bed sheets are involved 

apparently sitting up is more comfy for a naps than her crib
crazy baby!

well that's all I've got for now
I'm sure I'll have more along the way.


  1. Is it sad that I cant wait for all of this?! Also, with regards to the nails, my friend has a 1yr old and she's always going on about how when shes BF, she nibbles her little ones nails down and Faith her daughter thinks its hilarious. Might just work...unles it grosses you out (it does me! haha). xx

    1. aww I cant wait for you to have a little one :) Siennas nails somehow get dirty lol so I wouldnt want to nibble them off haha

  2. So many things in common lol..I miss sleeping past 7 am

  3. LOL- the boy thing made me laugh! Brielle would be dressed in full on pink with a bow and people would STILL ask!! Very cute post!

  4. Hahah! So very true. The paci one especially. I am a goner if Walker doesn't have his

  5. They are all so true! Following! :)

  6. My Kellan is 9 months but when he was a month old or so my husband clipped just the tiniest piece of his skin with the nail clippers and just a little line of blood came to the surface and that was it. Kellan didn't make the first whimper but my husband threw the clippers across the room and cried with his face in the carpet screaming I cut him, I cut him! The baby was not phased in the slightest...I thought I was going to have to put the baby down and pick my husband up off the floor! Those little newborn nails are a force to be reckoned with!!

    1. this made me giggle because it was the exact scenario here-Im scared of those clippers now!

  7. I loved the video, I always love them. It was so sweet and funny all at the same time


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