Friday, August 17, 2012

a day in the life

What do I do all day? shocking as it seems, the life of a stay at home mom isn't as luxurious as you may think...contrary to some belief, it is NOT stay-cation  full of hair twirling and relaxing.

Here is a typical day at my house:

5:30 - 7:30 AM- Sienna wakes up & starts her coo-ing, chatting away kicking around in her bassinet. Hubs gets up for work and I take baby into bed with me....sometimes she nurses and falls back asleep, sometimes she just wants to be up and play.

8AM - cranky baby - we get up, I change her diaper...put her in her bouncer next to me and pump while trying to entertain her at the same time ( not an easy task being tied down to the pump)

8-9:30 AM- Feed her half of what I just pumped, get her dressed for the day, play a little bit until she gets tired enough for a nap so mama who is starving at this point can eat, or brush her teeth atleast

9:30 - 10:30AM - Put Sienna in her swing for a nap, turn on the news or cooking channel, quickly get dressed, wash up, brush my teeth and make breakfast

10:30- 11:30AM -  clean up, laundry, check emails, BLOG, feed the dog, make the dog go pee in the yard so I dont have to walk him :P and just do misc in the short time window of free time I have

11:30-12:45- Sienna wakes up...we play, I pump, feed her, change her, play some more, take a million pics of her :)

12:45 - 2 - Baby is down for another nap usually, if not she goes in her high chair while I make myself lunch, do dishes, wash her bottles & pump parts, talk to my Mom

2-3:30 - Sofia comes over (3x a week) I spend time with her, she usually wakes up Sienna, pump ( this pumping sesh is a nightmare because Sofia gets into stuff and I cant chase after her), hang out with them two

3:30 - Sofia gets picked up, Danny comes home (woohoo!)

3:30 - 5:30 -Danny takes over right away - plays with her, feeds her, takes her and Charlie on a walk to the mailbox and hangs out with her till he makes dinner, usually she goes for nap #3 around 5

5:30- 8:30 - Hubs makes dinner( lucky me:), I do things around the house that I didnt get to before till baby wakes up, pump & feed, we all hang together, eat dinner, take a walk if its not too hot out...get Sienna ready for bed around 8, pump again, feed & put her down for the night.

8:30 - Zzzz time - hubs usually does stuff for work, I relax & hang in the office with him while he does work...catch up with friends & social media till I get sleepy, which usually is quite early

(Obviously there are days when the schedule is not like this, sometimes Sienna boycotts naptime, makes a mess that calls for doing laundry immediately, or Charlie does things that  make me want to give him away ( just kidding) hes been really bad lately

but typically the schedule is like this :)


  1. I love that you get to enjoy such an amazing gift as to be home with your baby as she grows! I hope to one day be able to enjoy in such an amazing thing! I do however know what you mean when you say being a sty at home mom isn't as luxuryious as everyone seems to think! I am a nanny to 4 under 6 years old! Love my job but oh man so not simple as everyone seems to believe but definitely rewarding! I'm so glad I found you on IG and that I'm able to follow your blog!

    1. Thank you so much! glad to hear from you :)

  2. Your routine sounds perfect. In my home, it's the opposite. I'm the one out all day and whilst Woody waits for work to come up, he's at home. I'd love it to be like this when we have kids though! What's Charlie been doing recently? My dog is acting up too - growling for no reason and pretending he cant hear you when you call him. Dogs!

    1. Charlie has been a nightmare - Im thinking of going to see someone about getting help, hes peeing all over her stuff just to be spiteful

    2. Your routine sounds pretty similar to ours! It's shocking how fast out days go!!

    3. Your routine sounds pretty similar to ours! It's shocking how fast out days go!!


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