Friday, August 3, 2012

the mess can wait

loads of laundry need to be done
dishes need to be washed
clothes need to be put away
bathrooms need to be scrubbed
floors need to be vacuumed
the dog needs to be bathed & groomed
errands need to be done

the 'TO DO' list is piling up 

I'll be first to admit it - our house has never been messier since little S came along and while I do try to make an effort in picking up my clothes off the bedroom floor... since moving in with Danny I quickly realized that was his biggest pet peeve....who has time to clean and do chores when there a cute little babe who wants all my attention? :)

its funny though - I should take a picture of how neat and tidy Danny's dresser is compared to my mish mosh....but I'm not embarrassed to admit it, well maybe I'm too embarrassed to show you a picture.. but I always intend on making it neat it just never happens because...

all those things can wait, 
when there are moments like these taking place in our home

Charlie only understand Polish, 
so when Danny says "Daj Sienka" hes telling him to give the ball to Sienna) 
daj is pronounced "die" figured I needed to clarify that since it sounds kinda terrible if taken out of context

little mini Polish lesson for you guys.

Charlie gives Sienna his basketball
(so sweet)

isn't this so much better than doing chores? :)


  1. Ah! My heart melts! Firstly, thank you for clarifying Danny wasn't telling Charlie to 'die' :P haha. Sienna's laugh is the cutest thing :) Ive never seen a little one laugh so much. Shes adorable xx

  2. These are the cutest videos I've ever seen! I could just listen to her giggle all day!!

  3. Thanks for making my day with these adorable videos.

  4. Oh my goodness! I love when they are at this age. I could listen to that laugh all day, I wouldnt clean either if I had this instead. Ahh I can't wait. Stop giving me baby fever haha

  5. hahah oh my goodness she's so adorable,, I love when babies LOL


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