Friday, May 13, 2011

Best Diet

Stress is the best diet, well not really but I am dropping pounds here like crazy.

Here are some reasons why...

1. The other day I get a call from my doctor an hour before I have to go into work, she says " your biopsy came back abnormal and I cant discuss it over the phone must be in person" UMMM really?? you're gonna tell me something is wrong with me and not tell me what it is until I made an apt? How is somebody suppose to go about their day after hearing that? So of course they dont have an apt right away. I start crying hysterically and call my mom. Called out of work and waited for the next possible apt which was 1:15, waiting for 1 o'clock made it the longest morning of my life. Dan came with me, I have to have a whole procedure done in 2 weeks...Im terrified.

2. House buying is a nightmare, banks are so strict about giving out loans now, making our life hell. The date of our closing has been pushed to the 19th. It was originally suppose to be the 6th. So here is the insane story with it....the bank wont release the loan until the sellers fix what they said they would, it has something to do with the appraised value...everything needs to be up to par. Meanwhile we're living in my nieces playroom for what I thought was gonna be a few days.

3. well the 3rd reason I cant really discuss, its something that wouldnt be stressful if we were already in our house.

Ive been eating out everyday, for every meal, junky stuff too...and dropping pounds like crazy! my size 0 jeans are getting baggy and at the rate Im going,  Im gonna have to start shopping in kid stores soon.

Im trying to stay optimistic and keep in mind that there is light at the end of the tunnel and hold on to the fact that everything does happen for a reason.

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