Sunday, May 15, 2011

priceless reactions

So the surprise I mentioned a couple of weeks ago was us coming home to Long Island. We didn't tell anyone, and boy were the looks on everyones faces worth it.

My oldest nieces giant smile and huge hug was the best, she made our random urge to book the overpriced flight more than worth it.

Let me just say that I will never fly with my dog again, not that I ever intended to in the first place but my wonderful sister (insert major sarcasm here) decided to...well be her usual self and say she refuses to watch him, 3 hours before our flight. Soooo $229 dollars later Charlie had a ticket. Poor little guy thought he was being punish, he kept giving me that sad 'I did something wrong' look. I felt so bad!! he cried and scratched on his little carry bag. The flight attendant didn't even let us unzip it to have his head out. Atleast our families were super excited to see him, that made it sort of worth it.

The second we stepped off the plane, we were reminded exactly why we moved out of NY.

I got to see my two best friends Erica & Steve - 2 for 1 drinks at applebees are wonderful way to catch up.

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