Saturday, May 28, 2011

Closing update

So this weekend was suppose to be a much HAPPIER one with us moving into our new house, but of course this is not a perfect world and things always have a way of falling through - especially when dealing with picky underwriters.

the current problem they have with our file is that, Danny wrote me a check for $1000 dollars when we went to Hawaii in March. I charged the trip on my credit card so that I can get points the card, he then wrote me a check for half the cost that I of course deposited. The underwriter ( person in charge of approving & releasing our closing date) decided that she needed a written explanation of this. So fine, we wrote an e-mail saying what the -$1000 on Dans account and +$1000 on mine was. Sooooo then  the next day this nutcase, decides she wants a copy of that check.

...and there went our Thursday closing.

Monday is a holiday - so our file wont be worked on till Tuesday. FML.

If these people come up with another thing to torture us with, we are ready to call it quits and move on to a different bank.

It got to the point where Danny called the person above the underwriter to see if anything can be done about her pickyness so that we can just move forward with this...the managers words "she is on a nats eyelash of being fired" of course we get stuck with the incompetent underwriter that is on the verge of losing her job.

The manager promised us that we will be in our house by the weekend

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