Saturday, May 7, 2011

Front vs Top...

Price & link:  $2,800

Price : $350 for both

 So Dan & I are in the market for a washer and dryer for our new home. We went to Lowe's over the weekend to check some out... and I really would like it if someone could explain to me what on earth the huge fuss is about with the front loading washers? cuz to me it just seems like a silly trend. They are 3x the price of regular ones... and are you paying to break your back when you're have to be in a bent down position through the entire process of loading and unloading your clothes? Or are you paying for how pretty they look? beacuse that they are.

 My mom  back in Poland when I was a kid, had one and she said to me "child I forbid you from getting one of those my back to this day hurts from that damn thing"

Momma cracked me up.
You know me and photos, I had to dig one it is...the giant, old school back-breaker that washed many loads of my cloth diapers while killing my moms back.
this was taken when we went to visit my childhood home back in 2007, everything is still there as it was before we left...and those stickers were stuck on by my siblings & I :)


  1. I love how you take pictures of everything, even of your childhood washer! Lol

  2. The front loading ones are all we have here in the UK! I WISH we had top ones!


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