Monday, May 23, 2011

House update

The new & supposed closing day is suppose to be this Thursday,  I pray that it is because we are getting a BIG furniture delivery on Friday. Our entire bedroom set & 2 sofas. Cable & internet is shedukled to be set up this Friday as well, so if this doesn't pull through we are going to go on a rampage. We already had to reschedule it once.

Thursday also happens to be the day of my procedure, which means I will be drugged up on vicodins. Fun way to go to a closing. Should be interesting! I also will not be allowed to lift anything over 15lbs for a while, so poor Danny is on his own with moving everything into the house. I feel bad. But at this point he says hes willing to do anything and everything to make this happen already!

Apparently, because we are not married this process is taking twice as long because the underwriters have to do our files separately
..But the window is replaced, everything is set... all we need is that final signature from the underwriter that will release the loan and give us the closing date.

Its going to be a bittersweet Thursday,
hope I wont be too drugged up and capable of signing the insane amounts of papers!

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