Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What I look forward to in our new home....

    Having garden,
we went to Lowe's the other day to browse ideas on what we want to plant...and ummm I think we'lll need a bigger yard! How neat will it be to make juice in the morning from your own citrus fruit? So for sure an orange, lemon and grapefruit tree. Not to mention what is going to smell like in our yard!
                                                   this is my yard, YES PLEASE!

We also would like to have a little Veggie and herb garden, Tomatoes, basil, mint for mojitos ;) A kiwi tree....lots of flowers...Peach tree.... grape vine around the patio...I could go on and on... lets see what we can actually fit without making our yard look like a jungle.

I look forward to watching our garden grow, as well as our family - (no, no babies yet) we want get another dog...Charlie would enjoy some company while we're at work all day.

Scrabble nights by the firepalce...
yes, it does get cold in Arizona in winter months.

Not having to do any work to the house besides put in grass!! We looked at so many homes that needed TONS of work. Its so nice to have a move in ready home.

Having His & Hers sinks in the master - Dan & I like to get washed up and ready for bed at the same time, now this has always been a challenging task in a small one sink bathroom.
Having a walk in closet. What woman doesnt love that?
I cant wait to get my OCD-organizing action going in it

A large 2 car garage
in the summer months, it will be nice to get into your car and not get a heat stroke

community pool!
I would hate to have a privet pool
1. it takes up almost your whole yard
2. money pit
3.dangerous for kids, unless you have a gate put in ( those are pricey)

I know its silly, but I like having HOA...It keeps the neighborhood looking nice. We have looked at homes in neighborhoods without HOA and you were able to notice it for sure....weeds, paint cracking on homes, RVs in drive-ways. It just looked unkept. Our HOA is a bit higher than we anticipated, but the community pool & grassy parks all around make it worth it

Our awesomely upgraded stainless steel & granite kitchen! I cannot wait to get my cook on...( I hope we have smoke alarms)

I look forward to all of our visitors!

Starting a family, not for a little while but...we picked a room for a future nursery already ;)

I like having an upstairs, I think its cozy to have bedrooms on the second floor...I know I'm nutty, but I'm really not a fan of one story lay-outs

I cant wait to decorate & furnish

And of course what I look forward to the most is making wonderful memories together in our dream home, the place we can call our own <3

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