Monday, May 23, 2011

I am Loving....

This Handsome Face!

                                    My family & friends, what would I do without them?
                                                    My adorable fur-baby Charlie

 its everything we ever dreamed of & more!
We are very proud homeowners :)

The spot I made the best decison of my life
July 6th, 2009

Yogi tea, who would think putting quotes on tea could make someones day?

 My beautiful nieces

 Dresses! & the fact that I can wear them almost all year round
My cruiser bike

 Arizona, and its sunsets, they are unbelieveable!

Hawaii, CANNOT wait to go back!

 My ROCK, Thank you baby!

 Having the same birthday as my Fiance & shock on everyones face when they find out is always priceless

My childhood home

Babies, cannot wait to be a Mommy!

My iphone4 - Cant function without it

 L I F E

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