Friday, May 6, 2011

Dress Success!

So as I said earlier, I was going to be in a wedding dress today even if I had to fight someone.

Well, I did...fight AND try some dresses.

I have to mention that Im not doing it the traditional way of not letting the groom see till the day of the wedding, Danny is very much involved in the entire wedding planning process. I value his opinions. He is after all my best friend and I cant imagine keeping something that exciting for him for months! no way! So he is who I brought along today to shop.

So even though Davids Bridal called me to tell me the apt time I picked was unavailable, I went there anyway, I told the lady I had one dress in mind and would be quick and I don't see how and why the apt suddenly became unavailable. I think they just decided to be lazy today, because it wasn't even busy in there....But I got my way, I tried on 3 of which I absolutely love and added to what they call a wish list, so when I'm ready to commit its set up for me with the matching veil I picked and all.

Here are some pictures from the dress hunt....

          This was a Vera Wang, but felt like a Vera RAG, material was awful.
                                                        This one I thought was a bit too simple

                                                    AND THIS IS THE ONE I LOVED :)

my mushy best friend & hubby in the making :)

positive feedback from friends is always nice!



  1. beautiful is an understatement :) i LOVEE the bow on the side!
    please don't get mad if I wear a similar dress- we have the same taste and body type ;) hehe


Your sweet words always make my day! :) Thank you.